Post Sourcing Trip

What a humbling, educational, and foundational experience for our company. Several relationships were established through farmers and producers all doing great things in specialty coffee.

Among the most memorable and impactful from El Salvador, Finca Loma La Gloria, a farm and mill located literally on the side of an inactive volcano. Owned and operated by Anny Ruth. Transparency and traceability come to mind when thinking of her operation. B3 has reserved 5 of only 20 bags from her micro natural processed Yellow Bourbon lot.

In Costa Rica, Nella and her father Carlos have farmed and wet milled some top notch crops this year. They also lead a new project in their tiny community, a unique collaboration of several micro lot farmers just getting into specialty grade. Its an amazing experience to see the progress being made. Nella's efforts paid off on the table as cupping in country proved promising results.

Coffee's from both of these and several other producers should be here late spring, just in time to compliment a grand opening for Building3 Coffee. Not a bad way to open our doors!

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