Help us make room!

Seasons are changing and so is our coffee. We need help transitioning some that have had a great run, for new ones that want a chance. Before we can offer different exiting origins, we will be discounting some great selections until they are gone. 

Sidamo from Ethiopia was such a great choice as an un-washed coffee, every time I brew it I am overwhelmed with deep floral and fruit notes, especially blueberry. Very mild acidity and a clean finish. We have only a couple of weeks left before we can showcase a new favorite, another great Ethiopia, Lekempta. You may have been lucky enough to take a sneak peak at this coffee as we bagged a few as a result of overage from Gandolfo Blend Espresso.

Sumatra, typically very dark roasted, we took a different approach. Not light by any means but a good middle of the road roast gave us some great reviews. Still maintaining depth, it's a down-to-earth Fair Trade Organic that shows how great Sumatran coffees can be.

Take advantage of discounts until both of these coffees are gone, on- line and in the shop.

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