Finca La Soledad Colombia

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Finca La Soledad Colombia

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We are excited to bring you the 2020 Land of Diversity Cupping & Auction Competition 10th place winner!

Finca La Soledad won 10th place out of approximately 1,100 coffees. 

Produced by Elpidio Arboledad Tabares, the coffees on La Soledad are harvested ripe and processed in an interesting way: Elpidio depulps and ferments his coffee in batches, mixing the freshly depulped loads with coffee that has already fermented. The total fermentation time is 72 hours. After washing the coffees clean of the mucilage, the seeds are dried in rooftop dryers under the sun. 

Elevation: 1990m

Tasting Notes: Creamy, Papaya, Floral, Rich Body