COS, you're an amazing community November 21, 2016 18:30

Colorado Springs, Old North End and those who come from afar, thank you so much for your support. B3 has experienced overwhelming positivity, we have truly enjoyed serving you. The atmosphere created in this space continues to develop through your patronage as Lincoln center grows.

On the horizon we see Night and Gale Breads open by late winter and Goat Patch Brewery by spring. Keep following our feeds for updates on these amazing contributors to the already thriving culture at Lincoln. As for us, four new coffees from Ethiopia, Kenya, and Guatemala, each released through the winter season to keep you exited with unique offerings. 

Thank you COS!

Meet the Producer August 02, 2016 18:03

Any Ruth, coffee producer from Finca Loma La Gloria, El Salvador will be here 10 Aug, along with our beloved importer Jeff from Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders. We are honored to host a 10am cupping and open discussion on the connection between Grower to Importer to Roaster. DO NOT MISS OUT on this special event and rare opportunity to meet the three links that connect you to your coffee.

It's Here! August 02, 2016 17:52

Well Folks we finally opened, soft opened that is. We will be running shorter then normal hours,

6am-4pm Monday thru Friday

7am-4pm Sat.

10am-4pm Sun.

until our grand opening scheduled all week staring 8 Aug 2016 with new specials daily. 

Coming Soon July 09, 2016 06:00

We are so close friends! We are about 2-3 weeks out of being able to serve you amazing coffee from hardworking producers. We are so thankful and humbled by everyone who has supported us through this season of busyness. The amount of helpful hands that have help build our space out is overwhelming when we sit back and reflect the last few months, and they deserve recognition! Our bar manager Heather and our friends and family... Pj, Matt, Angela, Miguel, Taylor, Mark, Rich and Rich, the Hunter family, Nate, Conner, Illyanna and Ivanna, Brien, Carlos and Ryan. We also want to thank those who have prayed over our space and for our family in this stressful but rewarding time in our lives we are truly blessed.

Thanks to all the people listed above we are were we are. We will be doing a soft opening late July and open early August. Both dates to be announced in the next week. So look for those dates on social media and please share with your friends! We can't wait serve friends and new friends.

Post Sourcing Trip March 17, 2016 12:27

What a humbling, educational, and foundational experience for our company. Several relationships were established through farmers and producers all doing great things in specialty coffee.

Among the most memorable and impactful from El Salvador, Finca Loma La Gloria, a farm and mill located literally on the side of an inactive volcano. Owned and operated by Anny Ruth. Transparency and traceability come to mind when thinking of her operation. B3 has reserved 5 of only 20 bags from her micro natural processed Yellow Bourbon lot.

In Costa Rica, Nella and her father Carlos have farmed and wet milled some top notch crops this year. They also lead a new project in their tiny community, a unique collaboration of several micro lot farmers just getting into specialty grade. Its an amazing experience to see the progress being made. Nella's efforts paid off on the table as cupping in country proved promising results.

Coffee's from both of these and several other producers should be here late spring, just in time to compliment a grand opening for Building3 Coffee. Not a bad way to open our doors!

off on a sourcing trip! February 14, 2016 05:41

We are so excited to be furthering our quality. Currently on our first of many sourcing trips to buy great coffees. Unfortunately online coffee orders will be down until we return in a few days. If you are local you can always pick some up at Peak Place Coffeehouse or Wild Goose Meeting House. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Periscope to see what we are doing on the farms. Thank you so much for your continued support. See you soon!

B3 Current happenings November 07, 2015 05:19

Support has been overwhelming thanks to some special coffee friends around town, Colorado Springs ROCKS! Here is the latest; B3 has officially signed a lease in the Lincoln Elementary School conversion for a public market (off Cascade & south of Fillmore), hopefully opening our doors in early Spring. We will roast in house and offer a full service of fresh-from-the-farm crop coffees as well as delicious local baked goods. Collaboration in this community is resulting in some amazing momentum, we can't wait to serve this town. Until then, we've been roasting in a temporary location for places like Peak Place Coffeehouse who offers our coffees on pour over and Single Origin Espresso. Keep an eye out around town for more offerings in awesome local establishments, we can't wait to reveal the next host.

Colorado Springs!! September 29, 2015 04:18 1 Comment

We are now offically Building3 Coffee Roasters of Colorado Springs CO!! We are settling in and have the roaster up and running. We are working on the store front location and hope to be open soon! We are still able to fulfill online orders with shipping only $2.50 or free shipping with an order of three coffees. We thank you for your patients in this transition and for your support.

MOVING!!! August 14, 2015 06:33

We are excited to be moving and starting a new adventure in Colorado Springs CO. Unfortunately we will have to have a pause on coffee deliveries for a week or so. We thank you for understanding and for your patients. Look forward to serving you again soon. Thank you.

Help us make room! May 12, 2015 03:24

Seasons are changing and so is our coffee. We need help transitioning some that have had a great run, for new ones that want a chance. Before we can offer different exiting origins, we will be discounting some great selections until they are gone. 

Sidamo from Ethiopia was such a great choice as an un-washed coffee, every time I brew it I am overwhelmed with deep floral and fruit notes, especially blueberry. Very mild acidity and a clean finish. We have only a couple of weeks left before we can showcase a new favorite, another great Ethiopia, Lekempta. You may have been lucky enough to take a sneak peak at this coffee as we bagged a few as a result of overage from Gandolfo Blend Espresso.

Sumatra, typically very dark roasted, we took a different approach. Not light by any means but a good middle of the road roast gave us some great reviews. Still maintaining depth, it's a down-to-earth Fair Trade Organic that shows how great Sumatran coffees can be.

Take advantage of discounts until both of these coffees are gone, on- line and in the shop.

Prison Hill Brewing Company April 04, 2015 03:34

Like BEER and building3 COFFEE?! Soon you can have both all at once! Prison Hill Brewing Co has been brewing a stout that will be married with Building3 Coffee. Due on tap mid-end of April. We got to sample it last night and it was amazing and it wasn't even complete. Can't wait to taste the finished concoction. We are so honored to be partnering with our local brewer.

North End Coffee House February 24, 2015 12:09

Building3 Coffee is so excited and honored to be partnering with North End Coffee House in Yuma. Opening the first week of March! Stop by and see what a cute, cozy coffee house it is. Jules has done an amazing job getting everything together to make a place downtown where people can sit and enjoy a cup of joe and experience all downtown has to offer. Go check it out!

Wetland Park Yuma, Az reBuild December 30, 2014 17:37

Our family and the community has been saddened by the recent fire at our favorite park, Castle park as our kids call it. As soon as our kids heard of the news they immediately wanted to know when we could go help rebuild it. We explained to them first money had to be raised and then we decided Building3 Coffee Roasters would donate 100% of sales in a local event to help restore the beautiful park that we would go and play. For now we can only donate finacialy but we can't wait to go help ReBuild it once enough money has been raised. We are overwhelmed at the response from the community and this is why we love Yuma. Looking at this through positive eyes, I can see a work being done in this tragedy. Thank you Yuma for being a blessing.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU December 27, 2014 12:32

We are over whelmed with the support we have received in the last few weeks and are so grateful we truly value you. Just a reminder, buy 1 bag of coffee pay $5 in shipping, buy 2 bags pay $2.50 and buy 3 bags get FREE shipping! We also offer a hero discount to those currently serving in the military, police department and fire fighter department, we thank you for your service and dedication to our country. Email us for your coupon code.

STILL WORKING ON IT December 05, 2014 11:06

Thank you for visiting BUILDING3 Coffee. We are still working on getting our site up, so check back soon!!