Ana Maria Ortega - Huehuetenango, Guatemala

An awning shaped entirely by the arms of trees and their April flowers shade visitors as they reach the last quarter mile stretch to Ana Maria Ortega's home, just a few miles from the busy downtown of Huehuetenango. To drive over the dirt path, welcomed by every square foot of flora overhead, is to know Ana Maria. Though the passage is corrugated and testing, the road possesses the congenial likeness of the woman each visitor meets at the paths end. Each budding flower, each intentionally shaped branch, suggests the path, like Ana Maria, continues to compose the fervor for hospitality and artistry every visitor senses. Ana Maria Ortega has attended to the coffee farms her father, Angel Ortega, implanted in...

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Anny Ruth - Loma La Gloria, El Salvador

Anny’s father, Roberto, started the family’s coffee growing tradition when he bought the farm in the late nineties. Roberto named the farm after his grandfather’s estate, “Loma La Gloria,” which translates to “Hill of the Glory.” In 2001 Roberto built a mill on the farm, but it was not until 2012, when Anny came on board, that the full potential of this mill was realized. The estate utilizing its own mill allowed for more control over processes, the quality, and the traceability of the beans. Now Loma La Gloria is able to sell and export their coffee directly in the Specialty Market, and can be enjoyed in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia. Anny Ruth says, “I started my journey not...

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Patricia Perez - Huehuetenango - Guatemala

These are the stories we love to tell, when a customer asks why we roast, I always go right to something from origin. The back bone of what we do in roasting exists only because of the hard work from Farmers and Importers. Onyx Coffee has done an excellent job of fostering an 8 year long relationship with Patricia Perez, single mother and farm owner in Huehuetenango Guatemala. Onyx has supported her through times of challenge when her trees were devastated with Roya (leaf rust) and they continue to help heighten her quality each year. It's our pleasure to finally be a small part in her story as we offer El Diamante in our shop.

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